Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooking + Photography + Music at Caravansarai


Bankalar Caddesi, Banka Sokak 3 (old numbers 11), Tan Han 34420 Karaköy, Beyoglu

Istanbul, Turkey



Photography installation by Joao Paulo Nasri

During the art residence at Caravansarai, together with the visual artist Dominik Skrzypkowski, was developed a site specific art work influenced on this Istanbul’s Karaköy neighborhood has been occupied almost entirely by hardware and construction suppliers for the past 30 years. Dominik observed the dynamics of this area as a kind of undirected choreography. On the other hand, in the continuation of the work done in Porto, Portugal, together with TukadMunga (Iskra Belišanska), Kud Ljud and Lomography Lisboa, the artist looks at the people working on the area as public space within their performances and installations. The artist would like to thank Caravansarai and TukadMunga for the support.



a fusion cooking project by Joao Paulo Nasri

Coming from Ljubljana, where burek is a very popular food, to Turkey where Borek has its roots, the artist reinterprets the basis of its "construction" and esthetics. This first food project presented publicly, is influenced on the slovenian version pizza-burek that does not seem to exist in any other part of the Balkans representing somehow a fusion between Italian and Balkan flavors itself (this is based on an author's field research dating from 2005). After the fish-burek (Lisbon 2008) and other versions we bring the fusion borek to Istanbul and hope for the best. The artist thanks the support of Caravansarai.



by um_bigo soundsystem (JoaoP Nasri) featuring Dominik Skrzypkowski

18.09.2010 at 22h

This time um_bigo brings to Istanbul a fusion of pomegranate flavored sounds into the amphetamine Berlin techno summer night. The visual artist Dominik Skrzypkowski features on the performance with his fresh videos from the (local specific) art work we've been doing here in the neighborhood. We would like to thank Caravansarai, Kurhan and Frankesinho for the support.

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