Friday, September 10, 2010

Cafe Evropa @ Istanbul 2010

Cafe Evropa by Joao Paulo Nasri

According to George Steiner, the idea of Europe might be built having the Café as the background. A Café where a chat begins or a novel ends. Under this concept, Joao Paulo Nasri’s photography is approaching the idea of sociological consciousness of european identity. Using double exposure technique intention the author is interested in the space generated in between two images. The photographic installation was traveling itself, starting in Sarajevo and crossing Ljubljana, Lisbon and Berlin to finally end its journey in Istanbul. In this last presentation of the series all photos are to be sold.

Molly's Place
Camekan Sok 7
11 to 17 September (opening at 19h)

This installation was a collaboration with the slovenian artist Rada Kikelj.

Sihangir Akarsu 50
19 to 24 Sptember (opening at 17h)

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