Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tokyo Eye

The approach to pornography has seen important changes in the latest years. These changes reflect new perspectives on sexuality and

pleasure in general. Most taboos fell like the Berlin wall leaving one in the anxiety state of taking part.

The work presented takes us deep to the fetishes that are enclosured in naïve desires. Recall us to Lolita of Nabokov reminding us about the playful child we let go once and a while. Rediscovers this child as a sexual being that aims the excitement of masturbation and penetration, turning the usage of sex toys out of the thought of perversion.

Influenced by the nu rave lifestyle and Tokyo new age, we present toys together with sex toys inviting you to the childish approach to the experiment. The experiment of the body. The experiment of fantasies like games and challenges.

Berlin Porn Fim Festival [22 to 25 of October 2009]

The idea for this particular exhibition and installation to be set up in Moviemento: The installation takes place in the toilet, where the photos are exhibited, and regards an installation of toys and sex toys that revive the photography exhibited (see more photos).

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