Saturday, October 31, 2009

Café Evropa @ Ljubljana

Kavarna Bi-Ko-Fe 15Oct09 - 12Nov09 ! Kafetarija Lan 16Oct09 - 30Nov09 ! Galerija Tukatmunga 17Oct09 - 01Nov09

According to George Steiner, the idea of Europe might be built having the Café as the background… a Café where a chat begins or a novel ends… a Café where you can plan a murder or fall in love… or a Café where one simply drinks coffee or reads newspapers. According to Steiner’s idea, if you would mark in a world map all the places that regard this idea of Café, you would get the map of Europe.

Taking place between the 14th and the 22nd of August, 2006, AEGEE Lisboa directed by myself, Pedro Vieira and others, brought 25 European students brought new perspectives on the European context. Inspired by this early project, the artist used photography as the artistic way of expressing his ideas. This photography project intends to describe the coffee table atmospheres of discussion and creativity, stating this space as an important figure on our common culture.

Café Evropa was for the first time presented in Sarajevo in February 2009 for the XXV Jubilee International Festival - Sarajevska Zima. The city of Sarajevo, with such an interesting “coffee life” atmosphere, was the first step in this new phase of presenting the um_bigo project. Later it is presented in October 2009 in 3 different sites simultaneously, in the city of Ljubljana. From here goes to Lisbon in December and will have it's last presentation in Istanbul in 2010 integrated on the events related with the European Capital of Culture. (read more here)

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